Annual Missionary Report, Middle Baptist Association (2017-2018)

In order to inform the participating churches of the Middle Baptist Association concerning the activities of the Associational Missionary, I respectfully submit the following highlights:

·         Consulted with and coached leaders.
·         Helped lead music for worship at Revival and other events at MBA churches.
·         Preached and taught in many association churches.
·         Visited in Middle Baptist Association churches to foster relationships and demonstrate support.
·         Responded to needs for training deacons, Sunday School Leaders, pastor search committees, and provided community demographic studies to churches.
·         Participated in East Region Associational Missionary gatherings monthly to network with peers.
·         Working with Annora Mallard, updated website information to align with our ministry values.
·         Served a second term as the South Regional Ministry Coordinator for the Southern Baptist Conference of Associational Leaders, a national leadership group serving Southern Baptists. This area covers AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, and VA.
·         Planned and organized Spring Revitalization Summit. 145 participants were trained in MBA churches. Raised an additional $5,000 for this event mostly outside our regular budget.
·         Coordinated the work of the Middle Baptist Association, including working with its elected officers for budgeting, vision and administration of the Association’s work.
·         Facilitated regular peer learning groups for pastors.
·         Initiated and hosted quarterly Strategic Leadership Training (THRIVE) with Larry Wynn of the GBMB for pastors.
·         Prompted, promoted and attended Disaster Relief training in Effingham County at Elam Egypt Baptist. Paul Moore planned this event with the GBMB.
·         Organized regular pastors meetings for fellowship, networking, information and learning.
·         Participated in ordination councils and services as requested.
·         Facilitated pastors and wives Christmas gathering at the MBA.
·         Attended the Georgia Baptist Mission Board Annual Meeting in Lawrenceville, GA.
·         Led a breakout session at NoBA Conference for AMs at Network of Baptist Associations National Conference (Jonesboro, GA).
·         Face-painted at church outreach events.
·         Planned the National Day of Prayer Gathering for Screven County.
·         Launched a Podcast for Associational Leaders on Soundcloud, Stitcher and iTunes.
·         Hosted local church planting visioning gathering at FBC Rincon.
·         Attended Annual GBMB Associational Missions workshop in Toccoa, GA.
·         Facilitated two Association-wide senior adult gatherings.
·         Hosted pastors and deacons and wives banquet with the GBMB Church/minister relations leaders.
·         Conducted Association strategy review with Frank Nuckolls of the GBMB and MBA leaders.
·         Spoke at D Now Weekend for Youth from Pineora Baptist.
·         Served on the board for the Pregnancy Care Center (Rincon, GA). Though this isn’t part of my official responsibilities, it is nonetheless a phenomenal opportunity to help change lives through the Gospel.
·         Attended the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention as a messenger and SBCAL pre-meeting in Dallas, TX as an officer and participant.
·         Along with Moderator Brian McElveen and Missions Team Leader, Paul Moore, helped plan mission trip to Ocoee Outreach in Cleveland, TN. Held back yard Bible Clubs, constructed handicap ramp, performed home repair (roof), and helped with a block party. 15 professions of faith were recorded during the week.
·         Directed MBA Children’s Camp (see report). Approximately 90 participants (52 campers).
·         Hung out and ate lunch with a lot of leaders.
·         Initiated a new ministry helping churches conduct criminal background investigations for employees and volunteers.

Blessings, Bobby Braswell, Jr.